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Our aim is to form long and lasting associations with each and every one of our customers; this is achieved by providing the best possible service to our customers each and every time.

The personnel we devote to your requirements will be totally responsible for ensuring the adoption of best practice procedures, therefore, your company and more importantly, your customers, will receive the best service first time, every time.

Metropolitan Express Transport Services prides itself on the quality level of service we provide. The partnership and the personal relationship we develop with you, our customer is necessary to provide the seamless distribution services you provide to your client.

Metropolitan Express Transport Services:

    •    Personalised service delivered by the owners of the company.
    •    Adoption of the best practice procedures.
    •    Flexibility in the range of services delivered.
    •    Long and lasting associations with customers.
    •    Proven and steady growth.
    •    Secure financial history.
    •    Delivery of best possible service to our customers each and every time.


To view the FPSS launch held on Thursday the 1st December 2011 , click on the trailer below.

- FPSS_Trailer


  • Phil Lovell AM- CEO of Victorian Transport Association
  • Ross Pilkington - Director, Manufacturing & Agriculture Program
  • Ingilby Dickson - General Manager Supply Chain & Logistics, BlueScope Steel
  • Chris Fox - General Manager Supply Chain, One Steel ( apology )
  • Sam Pantou - Director, Metropolitan Express Transport Services
  • Justin Simmonds - National Sales Manager, Vawdrey Australia
  • Edward O'Donohue - MLC Parliamentary Secretary for Transport
  • Michael Nealer - Director, Safety Assist


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    One of the many pleasing aspects of putting this industry magazine together is reporting on equipment innovations specifically engineered to make road transport easier, safer and more cost effective.
  • Metro IconPraise for Metropolitan Express’ new safety trailer
    The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has praised Melbourne-based haulage company, Metropolitan Express and Australian trailer expert, Vawdrey, on the launch of a new trailer concept which is leading the way in safety and technology.
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    Metropolitan Express Transport Services founder Tony Van Keulen has one regret since establishing his company in 1986 — not having met his equal partner and Director Sam Pantou earlier.
  • Metro IconMetropolitan Express wins Bluescope National Excellence Award
    Metropolitan Express Transport Services is very proud to announce that on 3rd August we were awarded the Bluescope Steel “Contractor Outstanding Safety and Environment Award” for 2011.